The horn works!

Just got the. New cam and lifters in and might so some work getting them put in tomorrow but in the mean time I got the horn going.


My new hood ornament.

It’s a drop antler found while walking around my girlfriends parents land.



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So the plastic that was covering the box the awnings came in blew off in a rain storm. I kind of needed a good excuse to unwrap those things anyway. I had to unroll them since I had them out of the box. I was expecting possibly some rips fading and maybe even some mold or whatnot. At the least I was planning on washing and scrubbing them down. Fucking MINT condition. Not even faded. No rips or anything, just blue striped gloriousness. eBay buy of the year for sure. I was all gitty. There has been some major work going on but mostly on the pulling vehicle. Update soon on the 71 ford. Waiting on a new rv cam and lifters and a new timing set.



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Aww yeah awnings!

My trailer didn’t come with awnings and I didn’t really plan on getting any but I found a perfect pair on eBay so I made them mine. They wern’t packaged and they are 22′ so shipping was a little tricky but I got them packed and shipped for just under what I payed. Wo ho! Inside the package is one 22′ curb side awning,one 22′ streetside awning and one 4′ rear awning. These are zip dee awning and I’m pumped about it. Last item to put on trailer… Check.



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This is getting serious

So I took out the wall skins, insulation, and wiring. That wasn’t too scary but for some reason when I took out the floor and couldn’t really walk around inside anymore that was where it turned serious. So now it’s time to drop the bottom out of this thing and get the shit tank out. Seeing as the freshwater tank was installed February 6 1978 a new tank might be a little fresher. Think they were concerned about BPH in their water back then?




Glad I didn’t just leave the floor cause there is no insulation left under the bed area. This stream is going to be a sweet 4 season abode.

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De-pinked and De-wired

I finally finished taking off all the inside panels. Taking them off consisted of me unscrewing 20-30 screws and drilling out 2000-3000 rivets and then just saying fuck it and ripping the rest of the rivets out.



Once all the panels were out then the fun began. Old fiberglass insulation is one itchy bitch to tear out. I must say a dust mask or old shirt sleeve in my case, long sleeve shirt, and gloves is a must and you’ll still be a little itchy.


Good riddance pink shit.

Now for the wires. You know how they say there is like 300 miles of wiring in an airplane? Well airstreams are almost the same way. Mine now has a few little Pigtails left on the inside of the trailer lights but that’s about it.



Also, since I missed the arcade fire concert tonight I am going to have to take the stream to one of there shows somewhere when it’s done.

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Fan-tastic first piece has arrived

The first new piece for my airstream has arrived in the mail. It is a Fan-tastic vent 6600 with a radio frequency remote!! Purchased from I figured if I’m trying to restore this airstream I should fix the three giant holes in the top first. This fan is the most Fan-tastic way to do that.
It has:
-14 speed manual auto variable fan
-reverse rotation
-built in thermostat
-automatic opening dome
-rain sensor
-hand held remote





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The interior was almost totally gutted when I got it so that is nice but I want this thing down to the bare AL. The main things Left to take out are the bathroom, the closet and, the entire floor. I’m planning on rewiring the whole trailer and re insulating it with spray foam insulation. I can probably take out the black water tank also since I plan on using a composting toilet. Maybe I’ll replace it with a fresh water tank so I can have more water for when I’m boondocking it.





First and second rounds of the cleansing of the pallet. Also one of the largest bundle of wires I have ever cut through. Hope I didn’t need those.

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