Under Belly-up

My airstreams shell is in pretty good condition yet it still seems like it will never be sealed up. After patching all the holes on the top and sides it was time to go back under. The under belly is a different aluminum than the top of the airstream. It is thinner and cheaper. So there are holes in it where old leaks had puddled up and slowly corroded it away. The rear bumper area was the worst followed by the area under where the old vac break tank was. On top of all the corrosion holes I am taking out and changing the gas lines leaving large holes at every place there used to be gas entering the coach. After all that was patched I wanted to make the belly skin a little tighter cause who doesn’t like a tight belly? There were a few large areas that the frame didn’t touch the belly leaving 4’x4′ areas just bouncing around. I thought that movement wouldn’t be good on the foam I was applying or on the rivits over time so I fashioned some support brackets that drop down and fasten to the belly. I’m saying belly to much I’m starting to gross myself out. You’re here for pictures anyway so I’m done. Foam next.











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