Upside down and inside out

I’m about to show all you folks what this part of the project is all about. Ok that’s plenty. Anyway, I have finally finished the wheel well improvement on the front. I have been dreading shimmying around under the airstream grinding all the little aluminum shavings into my back that shower down on me when I drill the new holes for the rivets. Needless to say it sucked but it’s done now. This improvement will allow me to have the huge area in the front of my airstream insulated and it has increased the ground clearance so I can take this baby off road! (I’m currently not confident my truck can go off road so maybe no off roading right away but it’s always better to have the option.)
Some before and afters top and bottom.





So it doesn’t look that impressive or hard and no one will ever know that it even happened but hey I’m pretty pumped about it. Now on to patching the small little holes. More pics to follow.


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