Top down renovation

It has been a little while but you see I have this airstream along with two piece of shit vehicles that are also projects in themselves. So only having one major project at a time has somehow turned into three. I have been slowly getting little things done on this mammoth project. I have been working from the top down. I have got the new air conditioner shroud painted silver from it’s white and brown that I didn’t think went that well with the aluminum.


I also had an extra vista view window that the previous owner had bought to replace those nasty ones that I just broke out and cleaned. Since I didn’t need it there I decided to make it into a skylight in the top middle where the antenna used to be. I did away with that cause it was a little messed up and I don’t watch tv when I’m at home so why would I watch it when I’m camping.






Sorry no final picture of the window installed because by the time it was in I was covered in window gasket supper sticky black stuff. But here is me standing on top of the airstream having a pabst in celebration of my window install.



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The things we make, make us.
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  1. Ben says:

    rock on buddy, (ben)

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