Soon there won’t be much left to take off.

So after much deconstruction I believe I am almost out of stuff to take off so I’m going to start putting stuff back on. Since last post I totally cleaned the inside wire brushed the frame and rustoliumed it. I have also discovered a huge improvement I’m about to make. The improvement has to do with the spare tire storage. I have two spares btw cause the previous owner just bought a new one instead of taking off the old one. Anyway so the spare tire is stored up under the front of the trailer out of site. Nice, but what’s not nice is it is also up in the floor cavity area allowing for 0 insulation in the whole front middle 4′ of the trailer. Since I am not ok with .020″ of aluminum and 3/4″ of plywood being my barrier between me and the beast that is Kansas weather I am moving the spare. I am taking the aluminum that is now on top of the frame and moving it to the bottom as to allow for insulation and future increase of interior temperature control. The only other belly pan area that is a problem except for the holes is where the same situation happens when the fold out steps need space to fold up. I’m just leaving this area to the land of look the other way.


I have also dropped all the holding tanks out so it doesn’t smell like a 40 year old shit tank baking in the Kansas summer anymore inside.


Airstream blew it when they tried to make the top vista view windows really great and double paned and filled with something weird or coated with something weird. Over time these vista view windows in all old airstreams get straight nasty. With the way the windows are put together the only way for me to get between the two panes and clean out all the shit that time has proven to be a compleat failure is to brake the inside pane out. So I have to break the inside piece of glass that is 1/4 away from the other pane and if I break both a new window is $250 and I will have to get some good rivets. Nerve racking to say the least. I only had to do it 4 times though. Long story short DONE.


As far as new things to put back into the stream I got my fresh water tanks, all my exterior LED lights, and in route is the closed cell spray foam insulation and 4’x4′ sheet of 2024t3 alclad aluminum to patch any holes from all the old stuff I’m taking off.


Got a few things figured out with the layout as well so I’m pretty pumped about that. I’m moving where the hot water heater was to allow for a more efficient bathroom. I’m going to take out the exterior door that is just behind where the old hole is. So now the heater will be under the bed but the bathroom will be much better.


More later. This seems like a supper long post since I’m doing all this from my phone.


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